Contact Us Now: 702-617-6313

Contact Us Now: 702-617-6313

Welcome to TIMCare NV

At TIMCare NV, we recognize the strong link between mental and physical health in relation to a person’s recovery and overall well-being. For this reason, we offer integrated services including psychiatry, primary care, meditation, and more in order to address each person’s mental and physical health needs. A comprehensive, individual treatment plan can be tailored to your personal goals and care requirements. To learn more about our services, please contact us at 702-617-6313.

At TIMCare NV we:

Translate research findings to direct evidence-based practice
Develop an organizational system for the quality improvement of healthcare delivery in response to local or global community needs
Apply the optimal utilization of healthcare information technology across healthcare settings
Create a healthy psycho-social working environment

We have leadership facilitating a collaborative team for improving patient and public health outcomes.

We utilize advanced practice knowledge to implement methodologies to improve public health outcomes.

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You Are Our Top Priority Services We Offer

Your overall wellness is our top priority at TIMCare NV. In order to address each person’s unique circumstances and needs, we offer several service options. Each service can be customized to match your exact goals and needs.

You're Important to Us Mission Statement

To deliver integrated services that address the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. To help individuals thrive by focusing on all aspects of their health and delivering services that can cater to both their mental and physical health needs. We strive to deliver care with innovation and compassion.

About Us
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