Contact Us Now: 702-617-6313

Contact Us Now: 702-617-6313

“Proper hydration is one part water and two parts awareness.” – Jennifer Quammen

Dehydration occurs when one loses fluids at a faster rate compared to retaining it. One can become dehydrated due to an accident, illness, or surgery. At TIMCare NV, we offer our hydration infusion service where we provide patients with the necessary fluids through an IV line. During the treatment, patients are provided with basic IV solutions that contain sterile water with small amounts of dextrose (sugar) or sodium (salt).

medical imageTypically, hydration infusion is beneficial for:

  • Elderly patients who become dehydrated due to illnesses
  • Athletes who compete in hot weather and perform rigorous activities
  • Patients who suffer from severe diarrhea
  • IV Hangover solutions for individuals with hangovers
  • And more

Are you interested in learning more about our hydration infusion services? Feel free to contact us at 702-617-6313 for assistance. If you are ready to acquire this service, please Set an Appointment now.