Contact Us Now: 702-617-6313

Contact Us Now: 702-617-6313

Do you feel as if you are spinning and overwhelmed by your own emotions?

Our program is particularly helpful if you, or someone you know, tend to resort to other, unhealthy means of coping with emotions. This includes abusing substances, overeating or depriving oneself of food, relying too heavily on distraction (e.g. addiction to internet, or self-harm).

Do I have overwhelming emotions?

  • Consider one of the following descriptions:
  • Are you afraid to feel emotions because they are so intense?
  • Do you experience negative emotions (i.e., anger, sadness, anxiety) as powerful waves that sweep you away?
  • Do you try to keep yourself from feeling anything at all with alcohol/drugs, avoidance of conflict, distraction (e.g., playing on smartphones too much, shopping, gambling), Self-harm, binging, purging, or restricting?
  • Do your emotions cause problems in your relationships like angry outbursts or fear of loss (e.g., abandonment, rejection)?

Program Breakdown:

The program is broken down into four different modules, beginning with a compulsory mindfulness workshop. Groups will meet every week to put in place practical, achievable strategies to help you get a handle on your emotions, and to effect meaningful, long-lasting change.

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